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Prostate Cancer Treatment from Early to Advanced Stages

Prostate Cancer Treatment from Early to Advanced Stages

Prostate Cancer Treatment from Early to Advanced Stages - Prostate cancer treatment is varied according to the stages. The higher the stage is, the more advanced the disease is. Every stage has different treatment. While early stages have more than 85% of recovery chances, more advanced stages must receive aggressive treatment. Treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are very risky and have weakening side effects. But no matter what, the patients must receive treatments to get better. Here are the available treatments for prostate cancer according to the stages.

prostate cancer treatment image from
prostate cancer treatment image from

Prostate Cancer Treatment from Early to Advanced Stages

Stage 1

In this stage, the symptoms haven’t been visible. Ordinary regular checkups also cannot detect the cancer. Only special early detection tools for prostate cancer that can do this. Radiation therapy can effectively cured stage 1 prostate cancer. If the growth rate of the cancer is very low, active surveillance can be used. Active surveillance means watching the growth rate of the cancer. If it doesn’t grow, treatment might not be needed.

Stage 2

In this stage, the cancer still stays inside the prostate. But active surveillance is not plausible since the cancer can grow more rapidly. Surgery to remove the nodes can be done. After that, external radiation treatment will be required, especially if there is an excess that cannot be removed by the surgery. There is a chance of recurring, but very rarely.

If for some reasons surgery and radiation cannot be done, hormone therapy will be the next most effective prostate cancer treatment.Hormone therapy will prevent the flow of androgen level since this hormone can feed the cancer cells.

Stage 3

In stage 3, the prostate cancer becomes more serious. In this stage, the cancer has spread to the outside part of the prostate. Several types of treatments will be needed since the cancer has grown too far. Surgery and external radiation treatment is the main method, but it needs to be accompanied by hormone therapy to stop the androgen from feeding the cancer cells.

Stage 4

All combinations of treatments can be tried to prevent the patients from suffering pain the disease caused. Surgery might be needed not only to remove the cancer, but also to remove any part that might cause too much pain. The cancer has spread to other organs, most often bones and bladder.
The most important thing is to detect it as early as possible. Prostate Specific Agent (PSA) and Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) are early detection tools for prostate cancer. Those methods can be the thin line between recovery and spending many times in hospital bed to receive aggressive treatment. Detecting the disease early can maximize the success rate of the prostate cancer treatment.

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How to Recognize Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

How to Recognize Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

How to Recognize Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms - Prostate cancer symptoms can be very hard to recognize in the early stage. Early stage prostate cancer hardly causes any visible symptoms. By the  time the sufferers feel the signs, the disease has advanced to the late stage. But the most important thing is to take immediate action when you feel  the symptoms in your body. Any further delay can be very life threatening. If you feel these following changes in your body, don’t wait any longer and see your doctor immediately.

The Signs of Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms
How to Recognize Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms
How to Recognize Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

1. Urinating Problem

This is the main sign exist in prostate cancer sufferers. Sometime, the sufferers will find it hard to urinate or even want to urinate more often. Blood will often be found in the urine and the urine flow is weak and inconsistent. While urinating problem may not always be related to prostate cancer, it is better that you see your doctor if you experienced this problem. Sometimes, this symptom can be occurred as a sign of Prostate enlargement or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Those two disease are not malignant, but can cause huge discomfort for the patients.

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2. Sexual Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a common sign for this disease. Even if the penis can finally erect, ejaculation might be very painful. Blood also often exist in the semen.

3. Pain in the Hip Area

Pain in some part of the body can occur, especially when the cancer has metastasized to the surrounding bones.

4. Sudden Weight Loss

Just like many other cancer sufferers, prostate cancer can significantly reduce the sufferer’s weight. The sufferers will lost their appetite and lost many weight as the result. It might make the patient feels weak and numb. But in some cases, weakness and numbness can be caused by pressure of the cancer in the spinal cord.

How to Detect the Disease Early

Since prostate cancer symptoms is almost unrecognizable in the early stage, the only thing you can do to know if you have this disease or not is by doing a checkup. Sometimes ordinary medical checkups cannot detect early stage of this cancer. But there are some effective early detection method such as Prostate Specific Antigen and Digital Rectal Examination.

Taking the necessary medical measure during the early stage of this cancer also has high rate of recovery. Meanwhile, the advanced stage will be very hard to cure. The cancer also has increased chance to metastasize to other organs. So make sure you do regular checkups to recognize the early signs of prostate cancer symptoms.

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All You Need to Know About the Causes of Prostate Cancer

All You Need to Know About the Causes of Prostate Cancer

All You Need to Know About the Causes of Prostate Cancer - Every man wants to know what the causes of prostate cancer are. This disease haunts men above the age of 50 and can be a really painful experience for the sufferers. There are methods to minimize the disease, but it will be more beneficial to know what causes it so people can do what it takes to avoid it. To learn more about prostate cancer, let’s take a look at this article.

Risk Factors and Causes of Prostate Cancer

There is still no adequate research results that can exactly state what causes this cancer. But from the previous sufferers, it can be concluded that there are some definite factors that increase the risk for men to develop this cancer. Here are 5 of them:

All You Need to Know About the Causes of Prostate Cancer
All You Need to Know About the Causes of Prostate Cancer

1. Age

60% of prostate cancer sufferers are elderly male in their 50s to 60s. The rate for male under 50 is very low, even though there are cases where the cancer attacks male under 40.

2. Cancer History

Male with history of cancer has higher risks of developing prostate cancer sometimes in the future. There are no exact reasons why, but bladder cancer and thyroid cancer sufferers are very vulnerable to prostate cancer.

3. Family History

Family history can be one of the main causes of prostate cancer. Just like with breast cancer, if someone in your family has suffered this disease, you need to check yourself regularly since you are at high risk of getting this cancer as well.

4. Life Style

Life style is one of the determining factors whether you will get this disease or not. Research found that man who work out regularly and eat healthy diet has better chance to avoid prostate cancer. Men with obesity often found themselves being the victim of this cancer.

How to Prevent It

Healthy diet menus are proved to be a good preventing method for prostate cancer. Vasectomy also has been proved effective to reduce the risk. But most importantly, you must be active and exercise regularly. Healthy lifestyle will never fail you.

Some of the risk factors are unfortunately inevitable. You can’t choose from which family you were born in, you also can’t decide which race you want to be. But you can choose what kind of life style you want to live with. Lead a healthy lifestyle, especially if cancer is not a stranger in your family. You must keep yourself healthy, especially since there is still no exact conclusion regarding the causes of prostate cancer.

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How to Recognize Symptoms of Brain Cancer

How to Recognize Symptoms of Brain Cancer

How to Recognize Symptoms of Brain Cancer - Symptoms of Brain Cancer can be hard to recognize. The signs of cancer’s presence sometimes resemble other diseases’ symptoms; headache, nausea  and sometimes memory and hearing problem. This is why many brain cancer patients didn’t get the proper treatment since the early stage. It could be  dangerous since late stage cancer can be life threatening. Make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones by recognizing the symptoms below.

How to Recognize Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Brain cancer can develop symptoms because the tumor masses press some part of the brain which makes the brain cannot work properly. The most common symptoms are continuous and very bad headache.

The symptoms will vary depends on which part is getting the pressure from the tumor. Tumor developing in the spinal cord can result in numbness of your body. Speaking impairment may happen if the tumor grows in the parietal lobe, and memory problems occur due to pressure in the temporal lobe. Someone can even get diabetes if the tumor attacks the pituitary gland. Different symptoms can help the doctor diagnose the location of the tumor. But further examination will be required. Also read about Soon Kill Cancer Cells with Natural Olive Oil.

Causes and Risk Factors

The cause of brain cancer primarily is due to cells mutation in the brain. But what exactly causes this mutation is still unknown. Brain cancers often begins as a secondary cancer, which means it is the result of cancers in another location metastasizing to the brain. But primary brain tumors—the tumor starts in the brain—are also commonly happen.

Even though the main cause is still a big question mark, but there are some risk factors that have been widely acknowledged. Age can be a huge risk factor for someone to develop symptoms of brain cancer. It is true that some type of brain cancer can only occurred in children, but this disease is more common in adults.

Radiation also can be a determining factor to get brain cancer. Radiations from atomic bombs or nuclear accidents are very dangerous that it may lead to brain cancer and numerous other types of diseases. Radiation from radiotherapy cancer treatment can also be a risk factor. Radiation therapy, for the long run, could develop a secondary cancer.

Brain is such a delicate organ. Even the smallest damages from the disease or during the treatment process can be very dangerous. Brain is also protected the skull, so reaching it for the treatment can be very difficult. Those reasons should be are adequate to make people be very aware of any symptoms of brain cancer.

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Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options - Before deciding which brain cancer treatment options to go through, one must know that there are many types of treatments available. Each and every one has its own risks and benefits, and one same method may have different results for different person. The treatment also will vary according to the patient’s conditions and the cancer growth rate. If you or your loved ones are suffering with this disease, here are some types of treatments generally used so that you will know your options better.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options
Weigh the Pros and Cons of Various Brain Cancer Treatment Options image from

Brain Cancer Surgery

Surgery can be done to either remove the tumor, or to take a sample of it and identify it better. But in many cases when the cancer has spread, or the size is too big, brain cancer surgery is not a plausible option. If the location of the tumor is difficult to reach, surgery also can be very dangerous. But if the size and location is feasible to be removed, surgery will be really effective to cure brain cancer.

Radiation Therapy

After surgery, or when surgery cannot be done, radiation therapy is the second brain cancer treatment options. This therapy administers high energy rays to kill the cancer cells. It usually uses to clean the cancer cells excess that cannot be removed during the surgery. The rays are directed only to the cancer cells so it won’t damage the healthy cells. This could be an effective treatment, but it has some side effects. For the long run, it can cause infertility and skin problems. The huge exposure to the radiation also may develop secondary cancer.


Patients will be given drugs with high dose of power to kill the brain cancer cells. Chemotherapy is very effective to shrink the size of the cancer and also destroy cancer cells that have metastasized to other organs. But this cancer treatment is also famous for its side effects. Chemotherapy can cause fatigue, hair loss and weakness for the patients. While those symptoms can be minimized by the usage of other drugs, the therapy itself can be dangerous since it can kill other healthy cells in the patient’s body.

To find the most effective brain cancer treatment, consult your doctor. They will know which treatment will be the most effective. The exact cause of this cancer is still unknown, but factors such as radiation, chemicals and smoking could trigger the symptoms. So, please be careful and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you or someone you know are suffering this disease, hopefully you can take the best benefits of those brain cancer treatment options.

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Recognizing Asthma Symptoms in Toddler

Recognizing Asthma Symptoms in Toddler - The asthma symptoms in toddler are something curable. They the illness is mostly found in toddler. But the medical documentation has proved that the causes and the symptoms are various. It cannot just define from one perspective. The intensity and the light or the heavy attack happened can also change. This makes another difficulty to diagnose. Some cases are even the one that is called false diagnose, where the diagnosis is wrongly checked. That means the treatment will not be in maximum.'

Recognizing Asthma Symptoms in Toddler

Recognizing Asthma Symptoms in Toddler
Recognizing Asthma Symptoms in Toddler

Regular Symptoms

The regular symptoms are the difficulty in breathing, and the sound coming from the mouth. They happen periodically. That means the parents can protect them and prevent by doing something once when they see the symptoms. It happens, normally, in the night or day. it can also happen in season, or when right after the kids are tired. Toddler with inherited asthma is also potential. Also read about Important Things in The Way relieve Colds and Asthma.

The Factors

One of some factors that cause asthma in toddler is; the emotional disorder. There is this phase when they feel very moody and emotional, that is when the narrowed path for breathing is getting smaller. That is the time when parents need to calm the toddler’s emotional. Try to distract them and send positive thoughts during this phase.

After that, there is an allergy. The allergy is one of the most important factors that trigger asthma. Make sure that the temperature, the clothes, and the utensil they use are free from dust, or feather of pet. Realize it or not, that will trigger the asthma more.

Then the next factor relates to virus, bacteria, and the substance caused irritation and pollution. The pollution, especially, is getting worse nowadays. The free radical can trigger the asthma to grow more. There are some ways to prevent the asthma in toddler.

The Preventions

Avoid drinking soda coke, soda water, or whatever the beverages that contains soda. And also nuts or fries. Then try to avoid dust in the street as well as possible. Make sure the environment around is clean and dust free. Besides that, parents can also prevent the asthma by keeping the house clean. Wash the carpet and curtain once in two weeks. Clean the floor every day. Try to avoid polluted air and water. Avoid the substance that contains chemical liquid. Avoid the too much physical activity, and also don’t forget to consult theasthma symptoms in toddler, as your kids might suffer from this.

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Acknowledging the Self about Symptoms of Asthma in Kids

Acknowledging the Self about Symptoms of Asthma in Kids - Asthma symptoms in kids can be recognized in early stage. Asthma is one condition where there is a chronic problem inside the lungs. The first symptoms can be signed with a difficulty of breathing. The channel of breathing of people with asthma is very sensitive. This makes them give a very over reaction due to the problem, once when it occurs. The channel of breathing will reach abnormally; it will try to narrow the path and block the air coming. This can be an accumulative effect from cough, short breathing, to the cough that produces some sounds. Let’s get to know the symptoms, especially for kids.

Acknowledging the Self about Symptoms of Asthma in Kids

Acknowledging the Self about Symptoms of Asthma in Kids
Acknowledging the Self about Symptoms of Asthma in Kids

Early Symptoms in Kids or Adults

First there will be a changing in the pattern of breathing. Then, there will be sniffing, as an effect of coughing. Then there will be some moodiness attacks the nervous system. Then there will be problem at nose, making the liquid flow again and again. Then there will be cough. Then there will be an itchy feeling in the throat. Then the person will be feeling tired, easily. There will also be a pretty occurred black circle under the eye. It will disturb the sleeping time, and that will also cause the immune system to get attacked.

The Causes

If there is an effect, there must be a cause. In kids, the causes are vary. First, there is a factor when the kids get the asthma genetically. It means that they are inherited from their parents. Then, there must be some infections in while they were infants and so young. Then there would be a cause from the environment; it can include polluted environment. Then they must be having some allergic to dust, to pet, to powder, or to some fungi. Besides that, the over physical exercise can also be one of many causes. Then the climate and weather change, especially the cold one, can trigger this cause.
Knowing the symptoms is like knowing the truest fact about yourself, especially your kids. As a parent, it will be more important for you to prevent than to cure. First, always believe that every illness must have a cure. A regular home remedies such as calming the self-down and also getting away as far as possible from polluted environment, are important. The asthma symptoms in kids can be cured, as long as patience and a positive thought are fought.

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